What is EcoSynagogue?

BHPS is proud to be part of EcoSynagogue, a cross-communal project working in partnership with The Board of Deputies of British Jews to promote environmental sustainability and engagement across the Jewish Community in the UK.

Individual synagogues such as BHPS can participate in The Environmental Audit, which is coordinated by EcoSynagogue. In November 2021, during COP26, the UN Climate Conference BHPS was awarded the first Eco Synagogue Silver Award in the country for our EcoSynagogue audit and green efforts over the last three years. 

As part of BHPS commitment to EcoSynagogue, we hold events, organised by the BHPS Green Team, and grow a green Jewish community across the city. Our vision is to grow a Jewish community that cares about our environment and each other and takes action for the planet – to work together to build a more connected, caring, sharing, sustainable society and economy. Our aim is to establish BHPS as a hub for all that is green and Jewish.

If you would like to learn more about Eco Synagogue or join the Green Team, contact us here.