Brighton & Hove Progressive Synagogue opens its doors after redevelopment




‍‍6 Teves 5776 – December 17, 2015

BHPS closed its doors for redevelopment in 2011.  Now the community is embarking on a new adventure with the opening of our redeveloped, state of the art building which has been our home since 1937.

The Sanctuary
The Sanctuary


Brighton architects ZSTa were appointed and today the internal layout of the ‘new’ synagogue offers a large sanctuary, office, library, educational rooms, pastoral care, a social area, kitchen and toilet accommodation over 2 floors. Spaces flow into each other linked by generous foyer spaces and a sculptural staircase that leads to the first floor housing the social area overlooking the sanctuary through large glazing.  A series of roof lights have also been installed to provide daylight to all habitable rooms, some with specifically created light shafts to guide the light.  The design of the new building also covers sustainable credentials, with well insulated walls and roofs, roof lights to prevent overheating and a heat recovery unit to reduce heating cost and provide good ventilation to all areas

The most important part of the synagogue, the ark where the Torah Scrolls are kept, was an item of absolute importance during the construction process, and now on entering the sanctuary, the visitor is immediately confronted with an impressive ark at the front creating a vivid focal point. It has been built in timber by a creative carpenter in vibrant colours and makes a bold statement in its rainbow hues, about inclusion and diversity, proclaiming a welcoming message to all those, who wish to journey with the community.

Chair, Peter Bennett Speck said, ‘I believe that the new building is a tangible representation of the truly inclusive and progressive vision that Rabbi Elli Tikvah Sarah has spent the last 15 years tirelessly working towards making a reality for us. I believe every one of us should feel a proud sense of accomplishment for what we have achieved’.39816BHPSinteriorsDec2015©MatthewAndrews2015

The project itself totally fitted in with BHPS’ ethos of inclusivity and interfaith; the architect, was a German Sikh. The builders were Hungarian Catholics, the carpenter Christian, and the principal of the Building Company (GCS  builders ) is married to a Muslim.

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